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Ch. Sungift Christabel



  • Mrs Liz Cartledge -"Ryslip Corgis"- UK (giudice specialista):  " 17 months, red/white, stylish youngster with good movement and ring presence. Willing a happy showgirl, keen and alert, well presented. Lovely coat, body and topline. Up to eye. BEST JUNIOR ".                 (Expo Int. San Marino 2006)

  • Mr Leif-Herman Wilberg - "Siggen Corgis" -Norvegia  (giudice specialista):  " Excellent bitch full of quality. Lovely neck and topline, eye's color blends with coat, lovely head. Excellent angulations, excellent body with long ribcage. Excellent bone and feet, excellent mover and excellent coat.  Young bitch still bit unused to dogshows, but extremely promising".                          (Expo Naz. Siena 2006)

  • Mrs Brenda Banbury -UK :  " Good ears well placed, good pigment and tan, broad neck, lovely front and topline, deep chest and excellent bone and ribcage, strong loin and good feet, very sound mover ".              (Expo Naz. Ivrea 2006)

  • Mrs Ann Taggart - Irlanda  :  " Very nice head and good ears carriage, nice shoulder and front assembly, lovely topline and well angulated, excellent move action ".          (Expo Int. Firenze 2006)

  • Mr Peter Harsanyi - H : " 17 months, typical and elegant bitch with very lovely head and good stop, lovely expression, excellent neck and body, excellent angulations, moves correctly with drive "                    (Expo Naz. Poggibonsi 2006)

  • Mrs Carla Molinari - P : " Excellent type, feminine head and sweet expression, excellent shoulder, correct topline, excellent  front and hind movement ".               (Expo Int. Viterbo 2006)


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