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Ch. Divine Design


  • Mrs Ferelith Somerfield - UK " Very attractive and feminine bitch, red /white, well made, pleasing and sweet head and expression, needs time to mature but full of quality and very promising ".                             (Expo Int. Terni 2007)

  • Mrs Jean Lanning - UK " Lovely pattern of the breed, high quality, lovely size, very feminine head, not in best coat today, but she is a very lovely pattern of the breed ". (Expo Naz. Laveno 2007)

  • Mr Kari Jarvinen - Finlandia " Young bitch with excellent head and expression. Lovely front, long in loin, excellent hindquarters. Correct coat quality. Moves very well with drive". (Expo Int. Milano 2007)

  • Mrs Brenda Banbury - UK " Lovely head with good ear carriage, good eyes pigment, correct topline and ribcage, excellent neck, well angulated, good texture of coat, sound mover ". (Expo Naz. Ivrea 2006)

  • Mrs Joan Walsh - Irlanda " Very sweet and feminine bitch, nice size, excellent neck and topline, well angulated in back and front, moves soundly ".              (Expo Int. Erba 2006)


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