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Ch. Red Baron



  • Mr G. Bodegard (Svezia) :" Very nice masculine beautiful dog. Excellent head, neck and back. A little low to ground in brisket, but very efficient movement in front and rear. Excellent coat and colour. Very high quality dog ".         (Expo Internazionale Arezzo 2008)

  • Mr Leif-Herman Wilberg - "Siggen Corgis" - Norvegia (giudice specialista) : "Strong dog of excellent type, beautiful head and expression, lovely neck and topline, excellent length of body, excellent angulations, bone and feet, excellent coat and ribcage, lovely forechest, excellent mover ".                               (Expo Naz. Siena 2006) 

  • Mrs Liz Cartledge " Ryslip Corgis" - UK  (giudice specialista) : " 2 years old, very good looking young man, cleanest of outlines, keen and alert expression, well carried ears, excellent neckline, bone and depth of body. Did not put a foot wrong standing and moving. I liked him very much ". (Expo Int. San Marino 2006)

  • Mr Denis Colmars - "De Valpurgis Corgis" - Francia (giudice specialista) : " Excellente construction d'ensemble, superbe et typique tete et expression, excellent portament des oreilles, excellent rapport hauteur-longueur, superbe construction de corps et excellent poitrine, excellents angulations avec tarses courts, excellent movement. Superbe représentant de sa race ". (Expo Int. Avignon 2005 - Speciale de race)

  • Mr Kari Jarvinen - Finlandia  : " Excellent type, very lovely head and correct proportions, excellent front and hind quarters. Moves well in front and behind, very good coat quality ". (Expo Int. Milano 2007)

  • Mr Peter Harsanyi - H : "Elegant and typical male with a lot of substance, perfect head type, very nice ears and eyes, lovely expression, excellent topline, strong front, very well angulated, excellent temperament and presentation ". (Expo Int. Milano 2006)

  • Mrs Brenda Banbury - UK : " Lovely head and eyes, good ears and neck, excellent front assembly, excellent topline, very nice bone, feet and angulations, sound mover". (Expo Naz. Ivrea 2006)

  • Mr Michael Forte - Irlanda : " Lovely young male with excellent bone, very good width and deep chest, excellent topline, lovely eyes and expression, show himself off, handled and presented very well ".           (Expo Int. Firenze 2005)

  • Mr Rainer Vuoriner - Finlandia : " Very beautiful dog with excellent proportions, excellent movement, beautiful head and expression, very correct topline, well angulated, excellent texture of coat, a GREAT STAR OF THE FUTURE ". (Expo Naz. Pisa 2005)


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