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Ch. Shavals Fire Dynasty of Woodhenge



  • Mr Leif-Herman Wilberg -"Siggen Corgis" -Norvegia (giudice specialista): " Beautiful bitch full of class. Very lovely expression and head, beautiful neck and topline, correct length of body, correct angulations, excellent coat and excellent brisket. Good bone and very sound mover with excellent balance "             (Expo Nazionale Siena 2006)

  • Mrs Liz Cartledge - "Ryslip Corgis" - UK              (giudice specialista) : " 4 years, red/white, very focused showgirl who showed 100% inspite of the heat. Feminine outlook, a little shipy in foreface for me but the whole package was very attractive, well proportioned, moved really well "                                (Expo Internazionale San Marino 2006)

  • Mrs Wera Hubenthal - Norvegia : " Excellent size and type, feminine head and sweet expression, excellent neck and body, well angulated, lovely coat and condition, excellent temperament and moves well with drive" .  (Expo Internazionale Arezzo 2006)

  • Mr Peter Harsanyi - H : "3 years, very typical and feminine bitch, lovely head and ears carriage, dark eyes and sweet expression, beautiful neck, correct topline and excellent bone. Good coat quality and sound mover". (Expo Internazionale San Marino 2005)

  • Mr Norman Huidobro - Spagna : " Feminine bitch of excellent type, very good pigment and dark eyes, good ears carriage, excellent topline, showing and moving very well ".   (Expo Internazionale Genova 2004)


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