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Ch. Double Red Dragon



  • Mr Robin Searle - UK : "Great showman and a happy alert temperament, excellent foxy head and correct placed ears. Nice neck into excellent shoulders flowing onto level topline and well angulated hindquarters, moves well and with ease. CC, BOB & BIS ".               (Welsh Corgi Club Championship Show 2007)


  • Mrs Jo Bispham - UK : "Lovely type and overall balance and such a pleasure to go over. Impressive head and expression. Well boned front and good feet. First class body shape with broad chest and well sprung ribs. Good angulated hindquarters with ample bone. Moves as one would expect from his sound conformation, very good showman, presented in top order to win the CC and BOB. Looked a picture in the Big Ring taking Group # 1st."                                (Three Counties Championship Show 2007)

  • Mrs E. A. Macdonald - UK : "Red/white of ideal size and substance for a male of this breed with a superb head and expression. He was very alert showing off his lovely length of neck and good topline. Has a well constructed front, good ribs and excellent rear angles. Was well muscled and in good coat and condition. Moved with purpose. Very sound front and rear and looked superb in profile, CC and BOB and delighted he took Group # 1st. (Bournemouth Championship Show 2007)

  • Mr George Littler - UK : "A dog that takes your attention as soon as he enters the ring. Very outgoing commanding attention. All that you could want in a Corgi. A red/white boy of pleasing proportions. A lovely shaped head with chiselled features, appealing eyes, excellent ear carriage. Smooth lines from neck into well placed shoulders. A level topline form with a nice square rear quarter, coupled with strong front chest, close fitting upper arm and straight foreleg and good feet. An excellent mover with plenty of drive. The best mover of the day. Hence CC and BOB. Later I was informed he was placed 3rd in the Pastoral Group ".  (Southern Counties Ch. Show 2007)

  • Mr Brian Drake - "Warrenhouse Corgis" -UK (giudice specialista) : "Eyecatching red/white who demands attention with his showmanship and movement,added to his correct breed type and balance in neck and body. Good bone and feet and attractive head qualities. Presented in good coat and condition. DCC (Best Dog) ".    (Windsor Championship Show 2007)

  • Mrs Sue Harrison - "Haresfoot Corgis" -UK (giudice specialista) : "Impressive youngster giving a polished performance. Very well balanced, lovely clean outline, well placed shoulders and angulated hindquarters. Best of heads . Just need more bone to strengthen his maleness. Lovely quality and very good coat and condition".  (Crufts Dog Show 2007)

  • Mr William Preston - "Wilinda Corgis" -UK (giudice specialista) : "Exciting young dog of 13 months, rich red/white, best of heads, super front and feet, level topline, strong rear on short hocks, free flowing movement and stunning outline won him the day. Presentation first class, CC, B.O.B. and short listed in Group ".  (L.K.A. Championship Show 2006)

  • Mrs Liz Cartedge - "Ryslip Corgis" -UK  (giudice specialista) : "Very charming puppy dog of 6 months, alert and confident, most attractive head & eyes, firm fit body, good topline and length of body, well fitting coat. Moved very well and showed non stop. Lovely baby, very very promising". (Expo Int. San Marino 2006)

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