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Ch. Dragonheart



  • Mrs Sue Harrison - "Haresfoot Corgis" -  UK  (giudice specialista):  " Powerful dog, has great ring presence and attitude that typifies the Corgi. Can imagine him working all day. Well muscled and firm in hindquarters giving good driving action. Lovely dark eye and pigment; just strong in head ".                 (Crufts Dog Show 2007)

  • Mrs Liz Cartledge - "Ryslip Corgis" - UK (giudice specialista) : " 6 1/2 years, red/white, ideal size and proportions, delightful head and expression, good bone, body and ribcage, well fitting coat, particularly excellent mover with plenty of extension, something we don't see very often in this breed these days. Perfectly conditioned, alert showman ".                         (Expo Int. Firenze 2007)

  • Mr R. Wood - "Mysweet Corgis" - UK (giudice specialista) : " Good sound body with well sprung ribs. Correct coat. Well proportioned head with good ear carriage. A nicely balanced dog all round. Well deserved Res.CC ".  (Crufts Dog Show 2006)

  • Mr Rainer Vuorinen - Finlandia  : " Excellent dog with super movement, the most beautiful head and expression, correct ears, super topline, excellent forechest and brisket. Excellent shoulder and upper arm, excellent rear angulation, super quality coat. One of the best dogs we can see across Europe ".           (Expo Naz. Pisa 2005)

  • Mrs Zena Thorn-Andrews - UK  : " Gorgeous dark eyes and expression, well set eyes, strong muzzle, excellent neck, excellent sound front, correct crook and fitting well between brisket and elbows, correct body length. Firm backline with terrific quarters. A sound free mover with a lot of strength & power.  Coat immaculated ".  (Expo Int. Monte-Carlo 2003)

  • Mr Edh Kenneth - Svezia : " Very handsome looking dog with masculine head and dark eyes, nice ears, lovely neck and strong topline. Excellent bone and correct feet. Excellent ribcage and forechest, excellent angulations and thick coat in top condition.  Excellent movement , a real showman ".                                  (Expo Int. Varese 2002)

  • Mrs Jane Lanning - UK : " Well balanced with excellent bone and substance, excellent type and quality, moving and showing very well, a beautiful pattern of the breed ". (Expo Int. Bergamo 2002)

  • Mr Peter Green - USA : "  Very nice dog, showed very well, excellent front legs and feet, beautiful neck and shoulder, excellent topline and moves very well ". (Expo Int. Firenze 2002)

  • Mr Ronnie Irving - UK : " Very pleasing young dog with a great deal of quality, excellent expression, good neck and topline, moves well in front and behind. Excellent coat and showed in great condition ".          (Expo Int. Reggio Emilia 2002)

  • Mr Raffaello Mariotti - Italia : " 10 mesi, eccellente impressione generale, molto stile ed eleganza, costruzione corretta, ottimo sterno, ben angolato, giusti diametri trasversali, bel collo e testa molto tipica e mascolina. Orecchie di buona misura, occhio scuro molto espressivo, buon muso e dentatura corretta, muove molto bene, soggetto giovane che farà una grande carriera ". (Expo Naz. Parma 2001)


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